Humans in a digital era – New Opportunities and Threats for Information Security is a joint initiative between the University of Trento (Media Lab), the University of Innsbruck (Security and Privacy Lab) and the University of Bolzano (Prof. Tillo‘s group), funded by the EUREGIO (Mobility Fund Call 2018).

The main goal is to enrich the educational offer of single study courses through a thematic guest lecture series from highly qualified academics and practitioners.

Domain experts will present their research on creating and analyzing digital representations of human beings. In fact, as increasingly hyperrealistic digital characters can be generated through advanced computer graphics and audio/video processing, their ability to imitate humans in appearance and behaviour poses new challenges and threats.

The invited talks and discussion panels will explore advances and the potentials of such technologies, as well as discuss their enormous implications on information security applications (e.g., biometric checks evasion, fake content dissemination, social engineering).