Do you trust what you see? The EUREGIO Challenge on Multimedia Security and Forensics is a joint teaching initiative between the Security and Privacy Lab of the University of Innsbruck and the Media Lab of the University of Trento, funded by the EUREGIO (Mobility Fund Call 2017).

The main goal is to complement the information security courses offered at both institutions with first-hand training on selected topics in multimedia security and to engage students in an innovative learning approach.

Under the supervision of Prof. Rainer Böhme (UIBK, Institut für Informatik) and Prof. Giulia Boato (UNITN, DISI), students will have the chance to attend two guest seminars and participate to a joint Image Forensics Challenge.

Here, competing teams will be asked to develop their own forgery detection algorithm starting from a dataset of forged images, thus having the chance to get hands-on experience in the exciting field of image forensics. The different methods will be compared on a testing dataset, and the best performing team will be awarded with a generous prize!

The project will end with a joint final event hosted by the University of Innsbruck involving students from both institutions, where the different teams will present their work and the winner will be announced.

For further information: challenge@euregiommsec.info.

News: The instructions for submitting the code have been published here! The deadline has been postponed to February 28 at 23:59!
News: The development set has been released! Go to the Download page for detailed information and instructions.
News: Hints & Tips for participants have been published!