Image Forensics Challenge

The EUREGIO Image Forensics Challenge is a unique opportunity for students interested in multimedia security to get hands-on experience in the exciting field of image forensics.

The competition will be carried out according to the following pipeline:

In December 2017, a development dataset of forged images will be released by the organizers, together with the ground truth tampering maps. The competing teams can use this corpus of images to develop an algorithm which aims at localizing the forged area.
By the 26th 28th of February, each team will have to submit a code implementing their forensic methodology.
We will then shortly release the testing dataset containing only forged images, and the teams will have time until the 7th 9th of March to run their submitted algorithm on the testing images and submit their results, the estimated tampering maps.
In the following days, the organizers will evaluate the results with respect to the ground truth tampering maps of the testing set, validate them by using the submitted codes and establish a ranking. The final results and winner will be announced during the final project event in Innsbruck on the 22-23rd of March.

Check the rules for more details!